suggestion required for threatening of false 498a case

Hi Team, I am from UP. I have one younger brother, one sister and mother. I am working as a software engineer in Delhi. I got married in Aug 2013. We(me and my wife) were together in Delhi up to 11 months. In sep 2014 we came to UP to attend my nephew's(sister's son) birthday. I spent some money for that birthday. (My sister is staying with us, as my sister's husband is not taking care of her). The next day my wife quarreled with me, as I spent money to my nephews birthday. And she went to her parents house. I went to their home to bring back her, Then she refused to come with me to Delhi. As my vacation plan got over, I came back to Delhi. One month later, Her family went to my elders/Well wishers/relatives and saying that, I was left Delhi without taking her. apart from that they claimed that, me and my family had torture her, did not treated well and I have impotency issue. I was shocked to hear that, and immediately came to UP. Then I went to her house, their parent's did not allow me to speak with her. I was forced to come out from their house. Then I went to the elders. Our elders call their parent's and said, Can we have a meeting to discuss the issue as I came to UP. Now their parent's are refusing to discuss in front of the elders, and saying that forget whatever they claimed. Then Our elders ask, why they claimed all the false statements. Send my wife back to reunion. Now they are saying that my wife is suffering with some health issues, and they will come for discussion later. Also they said, If anybody comes to their house they will file a case. Now the situation is that, Neither they are sending my wife back nor discussing with elders. Due to this, I am unable to concentrate on my job and getting mentally stress. Please help me to resolve this issue, what I need to do. I have following queries. 1. What is the best way to get back her? (she went home 7 months back) 2. If I send a legal notice for reunion, she may file 498a, then what I need to do? 3. If she file 498a, I don't want to be continue with her anymore, in this situation can I file divorce? 4. In 6 months, I am expecting a travel from my company to USA. If she filed 498a, is it interrupt me to travel? 5. In following situations which is good idea to send a reunion notice, . Sending reunion notice now itself? . Sending reunion notice after she filed 498a? . Sending reunion notice after 6 months when I reached USA?(I am Expecting to stay there for long term) 6. If she files 498a when I was in USA. Does police can do something with my job? Does police can bring back me to India? If she include my family(mother, brother and sister) members in the case, What I need to do? Is there any way to exempt my family as she never stayed with my family. After my marriage we were staying separately in Delhi. can lawyer attend on behalf me to the court If I am in USA? 7. What are all the counter cases, can we file against them for claiming false statements? Thanks in advance