FIR, 279IPC registered, when I was caught for triple riding

I was caught by the traffic police on [deleted] in my local town for triple riding (riding the two wheeler with 3 persons) and then I was taken to the police station and these people filed a case against me on section 279 IPC( rash driving), and I actually don't know what more they have charged me for( cause I dont know how to read my local language, so I could not read the FIR when it was written before me), when I asked for the copy of the FIR on 20-04-15 they were not ready to give it to me and when I asked they said case has been registered for 279IPC.. I want to know what are the necessary requirements needed to charge 279IPC on a driver.. cause here I was driving even below 40km/hr, I stopped as they told me to stop, did not misbehave, gave all my correct details readily and I was also not drunk. it was 08:20 in the morning, I along with my brother and my cousin were returning after a football match.. I had my driving licence, all the papers of my 2 wheeler including its insurance copy( which is in my name) and I also want to know the maximum punishment that can be imposed for triple riding (it was my first time) Thank you