Neighbour using my wall of the house, damaging my wall.

Hi, I am in serious dispute over my house wall with my neighbour. He is using my wall of the house and has not constructed his wall on his property yet. He runs a small factory and I have my residence adjacent to his factory. He keeps on drilling to my wall to hang stuff, makes damage to my wall and in rainy season his water drainage makes my wall catch moisture. I have requested him to construct his wall on his side of property, but he gives excuses like he doesnot have money, or doesn't listen to me. He makes good earning from his factory, so that is baseless excuse. I want to know, if I have any right to make my neighbour construct wall on his side? Does we have any provision or law? I live in Jalandhar, Punjab. I have consulted my society members and have given written request, but my neigbour doesn't listen to them and give false excuses. What are the legal steps I can take to make my neighbour construct his wall? Can Municipal Corporation help me in that regard, if yes, how? How much time it may take for the legal battle? I would be very thankful to you all if you can give me suggestions to this problem.