Claim After Succession Certificate

I had a property of my late wife to be claimed from Indian Post Office and from the company were she was working. I went to court and successfully got the Succession certificate by payment a total amount of Rs.75000.00 as a court fees. Know Indian post office is denying to pay. Claim is for Saving Account, Fixed deposit and Recurring account. There are 2 FD - 1 in the joint name of my wife and her mother and 2nd in name of my wife and her sister. related account are also in their respective name. Indian Post office is not accepting the Court orders. Secondly claim is from the company were she was working, There is a scheme were 1 day salary of the employees is contributed to the staff who dies in the working peiod. When court asked the list of amount payable they have mentioned this amount. Afterwards court gave Succession Certificate mentioning that amount should be paid to me and my daughter. But know that company is refussing to pay saying that amount belongs to the employeee that employee will decide what to do. Please advice should i go back to the court or to file a fresh case in Consumer Court. Will i get the amount + interest or only the amount. Nilesh. K