Payment of maintenance by owners of a building

I am owner of a flat in a building ( South Kolkata)where few of the flat members are not paying the regular maintenance as agreed by the maintenance committee. I am running through a financial distress and even then paid all the charges till date and even undertook some special repairs ( like pump repairs, common electric bills e.t.c) on the assumption that the amount will be refunded by the committee once all the payments from other owners will be collected. Now, one flat owner is particularly refused to pay any maintenance charges, some of the repair charges since last 2 and half years. We also understand that he is now planning to sell the flat without settling the due. I am now out of Job and it is getting difficult to run the family, it is not possible to pay the monthly subscription in advance.In the pretext of this lone person attitude, few of the owners have started non payment of maintenance charges and hence the common services are getting interrupted affecting all. Is there any legal remedy to make the person pay for the dues at the same rate that other owners have paid or will be paying?