regarding money deduction by paytm customer care from my bank acc

sir, i have purchased a laptop battery from PAYTM site. when battery came i was not compatible for my lapto so i requested them to change the battery or retunr it back and refund the money. but after writing so many email and registered complain through voice message on PAYTM care mob.(because they don't have the number on which you can contact directly). first you have to register your order no. then they will contact you,when they wish. after 10 days writing so many complain i got one call from PAYTM care center saying that he will refund the money he also mentioned my order no. For that he asked my cvv no. and said he is sending verification code on my registerd mobile no. for identifying my candidature. he send three time that code, and asked me to repeat it. i was excited that i will get my money, and i didn't relize that it was one time password through bank. he asked three times that verification code. he deducted RS 10000.(4000+4000+2000). when i got sms that 10000 deducted from my sbi account. i also got mail by PAYTM that amount with order no-this, and this and this successfully placed. then i tried to contact that time through mail and calling them. but i didn't get any reply. at last I posted my message on their Facebook page. with that order no, their thae replied that that money has been added by me in PAYTM wallet. and again Transferred by me in any account. Then I asked them if i have added it and transferred it then i should know the Account number in which it has been transferred. I asked them give that Account number . But they are not replying any thing neither they are providing that account no. sir i know its my mistake i should have not given my otp. but sir if they are not faulti why they are not providing me that Account no. sir help me sir those Rs10000 are very valuable for me. i have registered fir regarding this in local police. sir what i should do now . Please help me