succession certificste

Respected sir/madam my had left her husband and stying seprrately .she is an govt employee.She did not get married after that but she staretd living with a person.She left the person also and lived single with her daughter.The person had enterde his name in the service record of her job.She due to lack of ignorance she did not reveal the issue to any of us nor changed his name.she died of cancer at the time of her death she approached the ooficials and kept a letter that the legal heirs to her property and benefits that come from the govt are her daughters only the company and changed her daughters as the nominees at that the person came and said as i am the husband i had every right except that service record proof he had nothing evidence.he wrongfully managed the revenue oofiers and also got the family member certificate.we rasied a complaint against him and the records issued to him are officially cancellrd by the rdo after doing due enquiry.we approache dthe court to give us the succession certificate.he also approached the court.can we get the succession certificate in our favour or not