validity of marriage

Dear experts, I got married in Feb, 2008. Before marriage my janma kundali was matched against the janma kundali of my wife as per the birth details provided by me and my wife and in laws. We (me and my family) were told that my wife birth date is 03/05/1980. After marriage my FIL got my sign on a blank application form of marriage registration. After marriage our married life got disturbances and it took no longer to get separate as my wife was insisting on separate and nuclear family whereas I wanted to live jointly with my family. During this period, after marriage but before separation in may 2009, we got a female child in Feb 2009. Until four years of separation my wife filed no cases against me or my family. However, in 2012 she filed for a crpc125 case and a case under DV Act, 2005. After, her filling of above cases I tried to collect information/proofs regarding her employment before marriage, which I knew that she was working with a reputed bank. A friend of mine, who was working in the same bank as HR executive at its centralised office, got me information from where I came to know that her Date of Birth is 07/05/1980. And from her birth date I did find her PAN Card Number. With regard the case of crpc 125 at the time of cross questioning her, she was asked whether she has any PAN number whereby she said she does not have any pan number and she also said that her date of birth is 03/05/1980. However, the fact is her DOB is 07/05/1980. My questions to you all expert are; (1) Whether this can be considered as fraud or not? (2) can the validity of this marriage be questioned or not in the court of law as per HMA act?