ancestor land in kashmir

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a Kashmiri pandit having property in district kulgam Kashmir.In 1994 we sell our land to one muslim Hamid dar on certain condition,but he did not payed us agree amount.We took around 1.70 lacs & gave him agreement on stamp paper.But he did't payed balance amount.He started to cultivate that land.Then we put stay on it.After few year he again started to cultivate it,we again stoped it with the help of DC.Few months back he started to construct his house on it.After that we put complaint to CM greivence cell.After few months we got report from greivence cell that DC of the district has vacated him from the land.Now we filed one RTI to the concered DC,we have got reply that my land in now in the name Father of Hamid dar.It was very schoking because two months back CM grevience cell is giving that land in DC custody & RTI is showing land in the name of that muslims father.Please advice .How land can be his father name as it was in the name of my grand father which CM greivenc cell reports shows .As per immovable property act ,if any migrant have to sold his property he has to take permission from Divisional commissioner.Regards Ashok Koul