Need suggestion

Dear Lawyer, I wanted to get answers for few of the points: 1) An exparty divorce was filed in the court in India by mutual consent (wife is the petitioner).and both husband and wife have stayed only for 8 days together in india after the marriage (it was a Christian marriage) after which husband had to travel abroad due to the project work from his company and wife has not joined him since then and due to some personal reasons and differences in the opinions both parties have agreed to depart with mutual consent and have no demands / alimony (no children) 2) The husband have responded to the legal notice sent by the wife and have submitted the power of attorney (authorized both from court in the foreign country and also Indian consulate abroad) to contest for mutual exparte divorce and signed document from both parties have been submitted for the court proceedings by a mutual consent. Its been 2 years since the petition has been filed Can you please suggest your answer to my below points: 1) How long do both the parties need to wait to get the decree of divorce from the court in India? 2) How many hearings will be there for exparte divorce and will the court send an intimation to both the parties Indian residence address for any further proceedings / updates on hearings etc eventhough in exparte only one party's involvment is present. 3) How will the non petitioner (other party) gets any update on this case from the court when one of the person file the case as exparte divorce by mutual consent. 4) If the petitioner(active spouse) in the exparte divorce case is not actively involved in court proceedings( not showing up for hearings etc) how will this be intimated to the other spouse or his family and in such cases what can they do?