land acquisition by dfccil railways

i purchased 2 pakka bigha agri land for 1 lac in ' rate was 30000/ per pakka bigha at that time.Stamp rate was 12.5 % and 2% surcharge extra .total stamp of 14500 was paid .constructed house ' got notice under 33/17A 'surrendered .i was asked to deposit next 14862 /- as stamp duty ' no penalty in dec '91 -it is written in payment certificate . i deposited this amount in jan '92 .i was told that land is now registered under residential category .same land was acquired by railways in 2010.i got compensation of land on agri rate 'also cost of my built house .for compensation at residential rate railways want judgement what i lost .when i applied for copy of case judgement from record room 'i got answer that this particular file is weeded out in '95 so judgement can not be given. so railways refused to pay payment on residential i can prove that land is residential which is in actuality.i have govt ruling showing 'agri land may be converted to res land by paying. double stamp duty.