Parking on the backside of my house.

Hi I am facing an issue, wherein my neighbor has occupied a parking slot on the backside of my house. I live on 3rd floor, Ramesh Nagar. That neighbor has a criminal background and had been to jail as well, as has been told to me by other neighbors. (Tihar Jail, Andaman & Nicobar Jail). He is a goon and bully everyone around in that area. He attacked me on 16th April, Afternoon, when my car was parked opposite my home. 2 Slots are available, 1 is occupied by Son-in-law of Ground Floor owner and 1 has been occupied by this Goon 'Ajit Singh' His house no. is 72A, and mine is 47B, and he parks his car just opposite to my house i.e. 47B, and argues that its my backside, hence I can't park my car. But he should understand that for Him, its neither Front side Nor Back side, still he parks his car there. He has two cars, he keeps that slot occupied by one of his cars always. Since he is a Gunda, I can't fight with him. Please suggest, what can be done legally to get rid of this guy. Regards, Gaurav Manocha