SCB credit card

Hi, I just got to know that my CIBIL report is showing a credit card default worth Rs. 16,88,000/- and it says the card was issued in 2002 and refers to it as "WRITTEN OFF" but 1. How the hell has this happened ? I did have a card from SCB that had a credit limit of not more than 18,000/-. And I am sure I did not default on that there was a dispute and I contented that some of the purchases were not made by me and the matter was sorted out after I paid for the purchases I accepted I had made. After that I did not use the card. 2. Though I received a few phone calls from recovery agents asking me to make remaining payments. To which I replied I did not spend that money so I am not paying the remaining money. Its been over 12 years and it seems SCB has kept the computation alive. That 8000 amount has become close to 17 lakhs. 3. Its ruining my credit rating and it has gone down to as low as 615. Please advise if there is any legal action I can take against SCB or how else can I resolve this.