cooperative society and developers cheating Member

If you could help me or advise me on the next steps it will be really great help. My Dad has purchased a plot from a close relative in a city in 1980. My relative had purchased it from a cooperative society. which has around 15 acres of land. we have received the Share Certificate and the payment slips. During late 80s and early 90s the cooperative society informed that the land is under government reservation and it will take time to remove that reservation. during follow ups in mid 90s they informed us that it is still under govt. reservation. and sometime in late 90 and 2000 the started working with developer without informing the society members. During this time my dad passed away in early 2000 and that plot got transferred on my name. I stay in metro and cannot travel to hometown very often. still i attend the annual meetings and requested for the plot and if any amount pending on me so that i can pay to society. At that time they told that after 20 years if Govt. does not do anything on the land then the reservation is considered gone. In mean time developer started reaching members and started telling that any way you would not get the plot. So better take 1 lack and transfer the share to builder. in this way the builder transferred many certificated on his name. The Society made a land development deed with developer and the developer forged signatures of many members and submitted the resignation of member ship to society. Society never informed any of its members about it the resignation letters, and never send the annual meeting letters. On asking they used to show register and said the letter were dispatched. I continue to attend the meetings which no discussions were taken. Few Members got together and opposed the deal between developer and society. Later few members reported this mater to lawyers.. that is when society said that due reservation they cannot do anything. if members want society can return the money given in 80s. Also if members want they can proceed with legal process. they can’t do anything. Later i came to know that someone from developer has forged my signature in 2009 and given later to society about my resignation. It also mention about that i have taken 1 lack rupees from bank. While the society has published a list of members for 2014 and my name was in that list.. I have never signed any documents or taken any money. Also that signature is not mine, I can tell by looking at it.. the developer has start putting the compound on that land and whoever visit does not allow to take pictures and tell people they can do anything against developer Please help me with next steps Should i file a police case in hometown saying someone has forged my signature and submitted false documents ? Should i submit a letter to society saying i still own the share certificate and i have never submitted any resignation and taken any money from developer or any person. please protect my rights of the plot. the only property that my dad has purchased was that plot in his lifetime. It very difficult to see what has society and developer doing with the members