forced to resign, unilateral waiver of resignation notice period

I was working on the post of Assistant Manager in Quality Assurance dept. in a limited company. Myself & a colleague of mine were promoted from the post of Sr. Exec. to Asst Mgrs, while my salary (CTC) was increased by 22%, my colleague got 100% rise. So i orally complained to our HOD about this. After some days, I was called in HR dept. & they told me tat i was receiving money from contractors, so i should resign. In a heat of moment i resigned without mentioning resignation notice period, nor did i wrote about `immediate relieving`. I only wrote i am resigning due to personal reasons, so relieve me from my duty. The management immediately accepted it. the remarks are`Accepted, & can be relieved with immediate effect`. while as per terms & conditions of appointment, `After confirmation the employee can resign by giving one months notice or payment in lieu of, & the company can terminate your service by giving one months notice or payment in lieu of`. So if i had not requested for immediate relieving nor did i deposited one months salary for waiver of notice period, as per appointment contract my resignation was to become effective after one month. But by unilaterally waiving the notice period, the company has breached the employment contract which amounts to unfair dismissal. Also after a week of my resignation, i took back my resignation by email to the company, which was well within the one month time. So i want your advice on this. Thanks & Regards Santosh mahalkar