Legal advice

My grandfather`s father has purchased a property long ago(Currently our residing house) around 50 years back. The property includes open land with an old house. Later my grandfather has demolished old house and has constructed a house with asbestos and shops with RCC roof and let out for rent. He has totally 7 children 4 males and 3 females. 2 females has got married before 1984, the other after 1985 and living happily with their families. My grandfather has expired in year 1985. FAMILY MEMBERS DETAILS 1. ABC (Grandfather) 2. PQR (Grandmother) 3. aaa (Elder son) 4. bbb (Second sister) 5. ccc (Third sister) 6. ddd (Fourth brother) 7. eee (Fifth brother) 8. fff (Sixth brother) 9. ggg (Seventh sister) 10. xxx (wife of 'aaa') 'ABC' [central govt employee. Took VRS, died in 1985.] 'PQR' [lived upto 1995 on husband pension. Fell sick and died in 1996.] 'aaa' [central govt employee. Got retired in 2005. Has no children, died in 2007 due to heart attack.] 'bbb' [husband was a central govt employee. He got retired in 2000 and died in 2005.] has 1 son(married)(Son got father Job) and 1 daughter(unmarried) she lives with her family. 'ccc' [husband was a Govt employee. Got retired. Well settled and financially very strong.] has 1 son(married)(did MS from australia works in a MNC) and lives with her family. 'ddd' [central govt employee. Could`nt complete his career due to health issues. Took VRS. Financially weak among all.] has 2 sons(My self and younger brother both married) and 1 daughter(married). 'eee' [Utilizes 85% of the open land and does milk business. Doesnt share profits with anyone. Well settled, very cunning, financially and politically very strong of all.] has 1 son(married, did MS in US and stays there from past 8 years) and 3 daughters(all married). 'fff' has not married, heavy drinker, alcoholic died in 2007. 'ggg' [husband is a politician. Supporter for 'eee' and his family] has no children adopted a girl child 4 years back. died due to heart attack in 2014. My grandmother died in 1996. By this time we had mutual understand and temporarily divided the shop rents among ourselves and all are enjoying the rents. But the open land including houses is not yet distributed. My elder father('aaa') has no legal heirs. 'eee' and his family has intension to occupy the complete share of 'aaa' without sharing it with anyone. And so he tricked and misguided 'aaa' and his wife and made against 'ddd'. My elder father('aaa') was a central government employee and he left good amount of bank balance for his wife('xxx') after his death. She('xxx') also receives monthly pension too. After the death of 'aaa', her wife('xxx') insisted to divide the remaining land with intension to give her share to 'eee' once her share is registered on her name. As my father('ddd') is sick and cannot move from the bed, Myself elder son of 'ddd' has asked 'xxx' to enjoy her share throughout her lifetime and after that her share should be equally divided between 'ddd' and 'eee' since they are the next legal heirs to their forefathers property, which she denied. After 'fff' fell sick. 'aaa' and his wife 'xxx' use to collect the rents of shops of 'fff' share and using it for their personal use till date. We all the three 'aaa','ddd' and 'eee' before the death of 'aaa' ORALLY agreed(not documented anywhere) to give some part of the open land as share to three sisters('bbb','ccc' and 'ggg'). 'xxx' backed up by 'eee' has filed a legal case on my father('ddd') in 2012 that we are denying for the partition. They also involved the other 3 sisters ('bbb','ccc','ggg') for their support. Now the three sisters ('bbb','ccc','ggg') became against 'xxx' and 'eee' ask for equal share in the whole. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Above is all about my family. Below are my queries. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Is the wife('xxx') entitled for equal share in her husband`s('aaa') forefathers property? 2. Does she('xxx') has the authority to collect the rents of her husband`s brother('eee') share end enjoy for personal use. 3. Does she('xxx') has the power to give her share(if 1 is true) to anyone she would like to? 4. Does the three sisters ('bbb','ccc','ggg') has got the legal right to fight for the equal share? Please suggest me a solution ASAP.