Quashing 498a

Dear Sir , Facts of my Case : Marriage - 1st May 2014, date of filing of 498a,323,504,506,307of IPC & 3/4 of DP Act - 3rd March 15 Recvd Stay till police report from High Court , Accused - Husband,Father,Mother,2Sisters(Married & lived with there inlaws house other city),Elder Brother(Married lived with) The matter is Girl Alleged story unfurled in the impunged F.I.R. that she got married on 1.5.2014 the petitioner according to Muslim rites and custom. Give him as dowry Rs 6 Lacs in Cash and AC, fridge and many more ... Further alleging that on 25.1.2015 the petitioners carried her forcibly in Enova Car to -her Maika at (Buland shahr dehat) and did Maarpeet and threatened for dire consequences in case she did not meet the dowry ' demand of Rs 7 lacs to purchase Scorpio. Police submitted the real fact in there Report that no crime is made at her maika and it is totaly fabricated to harrass the husband side on 15 April 2015 , 307,506 and three names (Brother & Sisters Dismissed) no major findings except statement of dowry and mental harrassment from people from inlaws side. My layer suggest to challange the Police Report My Question: As According to the Police Report 307,506 are not found correct and wife alleged and fabricate the total matter to harrass the husband side. 1. whether on the basis of Police Report and fabricated matter was Totaly FIR (498A) quashed or what happens next step to do Please advice for me to get free. regards and thanks for your advice