Land as gift-Can it be cancelled?

Hello all, I am estranged from my family(parents and married younger sister) due to mental and threatened physical abuse to me and my wife. I used to be supporting my parents with certain amount prior to that. After estrangement, I am not providing any money. My parents stay with my married sister. My mother is a retired central government employee and gets pension. My father has two properties. One ancestral and other through his own money. I was gifted a property(land) by my father prior to my marriage. I have not encashed or built anything on my land got as gift.The document is still with my parents. My questions are 1.Can this gift be cancelled without prior intimation to me(I am still the only signed party on document registration paper) 2.if my father is deceased, do I get automatic rights over the property provided the gift deed is still valid? 3.Should I get another document made instead of retrieving the original from my parents? 4.What are the implications if my father includes that property(land) in his will but does not name me as benefactor? Kindly advise.