False Domestic Violence Case u/s 12,18,19, 20, 22 and 23

Dear Experts, I got married in Jan-12 but few days after marriage the attitude of wife and her family changed . She and her family started putting pressure on me to stay separately and leave my parents home and buy a separate home at Nashik from where she belongs. When I said strict no to her and her family's demands she and her family time and again spoke rudely to me and my aged parents and insulted us. Leading the charge was the girls mother. My patience ran out last year when suddenly without any provocation and intimation she left her matrimonial home suddenly last year in Feb-14. Her mother started verbal abuses on me and my parents soon after she reached nashik. This time me and my parents had enough of verbal abuses from them and between Feb-Mar 2014 we filed 3 NC's against her mother and her immediate family members. Mutliple times I requested her and her mother asking to join matrimonial home but she didn't agree finally after a long wait I sent a private RCR notice in May-14 via my lawyer asking her to come back. Pls note experts all the proactive initiatives like sending her RCR notice to come back, filing NC's against her family members, filing divorce case was done first by me. In reply to my first RCR notice she has falsely accused me of dowry and dowry harrasment charges. I replied to her notice and denied all her baseless allegations and asked her prove her allegations...I also told her why was she silent for so many days and made allegations only when my notice reached her...till date she has not replied to my notice. Experts finally after replying to her notice i waited for couple of months and finally in August-14 I filed a divorce case in Mumbai...finally the Mumbai court summons reached her in Jan-15 and this wicked lady filed a false Domestic Violence case u/s 12,18,19, 20, 22 and 23 with Magistrate in Feb-15 almost a 13 months after deserting me. Experts pls advise do I stand a good chance of winning this case. How should I stop her from claiming maintance from me. Pls suggest a very good lawyer in Domestic Violence case who can help me in winning this case. Pls help and advise. Thanks and Regards