My wife had a illegal contact with another person

Sir! My name is madhu, i had get married in 2013 . I had no father and have mother (diabetic), sister and a grand mother. I have to feed my family, i used to some of daily labour works to feed up my family. My wife had illegal contact with other person ans married her without knowing the same recently on dec 2014 i saw the recording that speaking with him personally and he used to ask her to come to hime leaving me alone. She used to say she have a unmarried brother and she can not come before his marriage. From the time of the marriage she used to be in rented house by thinking our family will know about her illegal contact. After hearing all the recordings that spoke to her boy friend ( not only with her boy friend, she spoke to me, her mother, her father, her brother, her sister and other her family members voice bothside recorded with including other side mobile number) i sent to her mother and sent an legal notice asking divorce. In this period we have two sons. Can i have get divorcé? Please guide me ...... I can't able to run family with such wife