How to get MC Order payment? what are the next steps to proceed?

I am Sujatha, having 2 minor children. My husband attacked me with knief to transfer my parents property to his name, i didn't accept for that. Then he took all my jewels, school/college/Other original cetificates, passports, bank passbooks, cheque books, credit/debit cards, etc wiped out from bero on 25-7-2013. I complaint at the Police station on the same day. FIR registered on him and CC filled at court under 498(a),406,323,506(ii) during Sep 2014. After that theft, he immediately filled HMOP for divorce within a week. He didn't have any bail and escaped. 2-3 summons are not served because of his escape (He might be somewhere in India or USA). What we need to do for this. What is the procedure for next steps .. Please help me. The MC 125 filled during March 2014 and got ordered July 2014. Based on the Order, he has to pay from Filled date onwards, it is about 1 year and month for now. He is not paying anything until now. What are the next steps and how to get MC support for me and my children. I am struggling with 2 children for their studies, etc. My husband has some inheritance properties and self earned properties. If he is not making MC Order payment. Then any other option/choice? Please advise me. Please help us. Thanks!