Assistance with a case running since past 19 years

Hi, its about a house built within a campus of another, both facing each other n separated by mere inches. My father had 4 brothers. three of them from another women than my grandmother as my grandfather had two wives despite being a hindu but a 'dabang' person and working in collectorate. My father and one more were from the first wife n the rest 3 were from the second which made them feel inferior and raged them against my dad and mom who did a love and intercast marriage (court to be specific) Everything was fine till my dead was alive but post his murder by his brothers everything went against my mother. My so called uncles in a show-of-sympathy got my mothers signatures on some documents immediately after the murder and then filed a case stating my parents weren't even married hence had no claim on property and all and despite having a valid genuine court marriage certificate, my mother spent i guess around 10-12 years proving she was married to my dad n that he was my father. That being proved came the point of our rights which is still not anywhere close to redemption as on every hearing in lower court (ever since) the judge merely hears a 'line' of argument or anything from both party lawyers and sidelines the file for next hearing next month. Months after months n years after years have passed but nothing has happened. My point - If its been proved that my father was married to my mother and that I am his son then why and how can my uncles still play around with court-balls like that for years keeping me and my mother away from what we deserve? Its NOT a case of property as I am willing to DONATE it all brick by brick to a beggar or any NGO (its costs somewhere around 30-40 lakhs or more as per today's property rates being in the city circle but in congested locality) but a case of SELF-RESPECT and Pride now that I have to make it end and rightfully in favor of my mom as she's right i know. Please suggest something as whether I can go straight to any higher courts like high court or supreme court or something can be done about it rapidly keeping the cost part in mind as being a sole son and not earning yet thats a huge matter of concern for me right now and making me sulk too. Or can I keep it aside for now, say leave it and concentrate on my career and have some money then re-open the case later on someday. The thing which bothers me in leaving n reopening thing is what would happen if they and win and court passed an order against us cause knowing my uncles crookedness best I can, they won't sit idle and let us rest for sure Thanks