Code of conduct violating fundamental rights.

Sections 2.3 and 2.4 of my college's code of conduct are as stated below. I study in an autonomous institute under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. I feel that the below mentioned sections grossly violate my right to expression. Do any of the below mentioned sections deem challengeable under the law? 2.3 Interaction with Media No student is allowed to interact with media persons, whether from the print, radio, television or online industry, to convey any kind of information about the Institute. Whereas students are free to publish works of fiction or write-ups on scientific or cultural matters in newspapers and magazines (print, audio, video or online), no publication is allowed on political or any controversial matters. Students wishing to publish, in print, audio, video or online, on student activities, like festivals, are required to obtain prior permission in writing. 2.4 Presence in Social Networking Sites and Other Online Activities Whereas students are free to host their profiles in networking sites, no student is allowed to make any claim to represent the Institute in any manner. No comment, whether positive or negative, shall be posted about anything related to the Institute in any of the websites. Internet facility is given by the Institute for educational use only, and should not be misused. Internet resources are intended only for educational purposes. Each student is responsible for ensuring that he/she does not violate the Cyber Laws of the country and of the Institute.