Acquisition land unutilised for 42yrs can return to landowner

We have Land in Karnataka in DIST in Village of 3(1,2,3) Survey No total 38 Acres. Which has been acquired by the KIADB in 1973 by "G" Notification through A.C. In 1979 the land was transferred in the name i n 1983 by Mutation "XYZ LTD to Till Date". But the mutation "XYZ LTD" was done in 1983 & Agreement DEED was made with "KIADB & "XYZ LTD" done in 1986 for 21 Years(1986 to 2007) for Industrial setup purpose, Yearly Rent Rs.100/- setup should complete in min 3 months to 5 years. But only fencing is done. Compensation Rs 2LAKHs/- was given to my GrandFather. The Survey NO 1 & 2 mutataion was in my Father Name & he has not signed anywhere. Only survey No 3 is Grandfather Name. The Land has been lying UNused & Unutilised from 1973 to Tilldate i.e.last 40 to 42 years vacant. The Acquisition is failed.The person has took loan on that land in crores & Absconded. We got the report the bank has also closed the cased. The "XYZ LTD" company & members are not there, they are cheaters. In Pani or RTC "XYZ Ltd" is showing instead of "Original Landowner name". But in RTC/PANI column No.10 & 11 Bank Loan or mutation no or LAQ (LAND ACQUISITION no) is not mentioned still anywhere, But BU-SWANDENA is showing not Landowner. if so what step need to be take back the land. Since, we are ready to Re-pay the enhanced compensation amount award. What ever is typed is correct (year, amount & etc)