498A case is filed against our family members?

498A and two more cases are filed against our family members,as my brother married an another Girl...why and how he took that step was : My brother married first in at the end of 2009yr....he was working under micro finance... Then on the job role he got transferd from one place to another place. so he took along with him his wife too....so they were gng well.... but once she said i will go to myparents house and come back in week....but not it continued like that for year..so my parents and with caste elders made an meeting , they said we will send our daughter ..but no.. like this they continued 2 to 3 times. so by court my brother sent notices to come back ..but not... so my brother did second marriage..... on the marriage day they came up with police and arrested my brother ...and case is field against us....(the fact here is i was not aware and bot present in the marriage , i was working at different place (another state)) now the hearing s are going on ... So my question is "I am preparing for Govt jobs that tooo for BANK JOBS" and one more is if i apply for passport , should i fill the details like case is there or not ? How to Quash my name ? In job application should i fill the details of cases or not ? So what are the precautions i should take care ? Thanks in advance