Please Kindly Study my case and Advise me

Here is my Problem Detail About 5 years ago I talked to girl (Ruby) and I get attract to her after some days I come to know that she (Ruby) is a muslim girl after that I told her everything about me like my religion, cast, financial status, etc. and the I proposed her and she said yes. Then after a year I talked to her mom about us. First she don’t agree with us but after some days i convinced her about our relationship and after that she helped me many times like to allow her to meet me and also she she told me whom I have to convince in her family. and after that we meet every time in a hotel in her city . we meet once in every month and we had sexual relation too. About 7 month ago I told them repetly many times to finally decide about us otherwise I will take her from your home. But they ignored me and finaly we decided to run away from home and about 5 month ago we did it. And then her family talked to me and my family and they decided that they will marry us both within three months. And they take ruby back to home. And after some days they told me to be a muslim so that they can marry us. I agreed with them and I converted my religion for her (Ruby) . But when the time comes as they committed they Ignored the Marriage. And then suddenly I don’t know what happened ruby said me I don’t want to talk to you and I don’t want to marry you . So in this case plz suggest me a legal advice so what legal action I can take against them.