Divorce Case.

Hello Sir/Madam, Mine is an arranged marriage and I have always been good to my wife and listened to whatever she says. I informed my wife before our marriage itself that I love my mom and she would stay with us and none of her family showed any objection and they are in a hurry for the marriage. But soon after our marriage, things changed and she did not show any interest to stay at my home. She used to say a lot of stories like "the Food doesn't suit me, or the water doesn't suit me, area doesn't suit me" and her parents used to call me to change the house and shift to somewhere near to their area, as we both belong to the same City. So, as she didn't bother to come to my house after marriage, I realized that I should compromise in this as I never wanted to break a relation and I well understand the value of any relation. I left my house and rented a house near to their house which she selected. She did the same thing there as well. She is working as an Asst. Professor in an Engg. College that is near to their house. She used to go to her home in return and never bothered to inform atleast even to me. I used to call her she then used to reply like I am not feeling well, shall I stay here for few days and I used to agree, as I never had any other choice. I used to go there and convince her with lots of love and she used to come back after a month or two and used to stay for 2 to 4 days and do the same thing again. I asked her what is the problem staying with me and she is always silent. I openly asked her to know if my mother caused any problem, but the fact is that she is never with my mom so that my mom can create her any problem. She will go to college before I go to office and she will be back to her home and she will come to my home only with me. So, I realized there is something else that she is expecting from me. I asked her in a lovely way and she used to say like it will take sometime for me to adjust to things, I said fine and its been more than an year and still the same. The only thing she used to say is I am not feeling comfortable and she never said any reason for it. I even used to call her father to ask about this and they are least bothered. They are infact very happy that their daughter is staying with them. She always wanted me to stay with her at her home and I used to do it for a day or two but she wanted to stay there completely and I used to get back to my home saying I will come again. Slowly, I realized that she do not want to leave her mom to stay with me and in turn she expects me to leave my mom and stay with them permanently. Still I did wait patiently and never was in a mood to go for a divorce. I was in a dilemma that one day she will realize my love and importance of a relationship, but unfortunately she filed for a Divorce last year with a lot of allegations against me like the following: 1. Beating everyday after consuming alcohol (I never booz). 2. Asking for additional dowry of 5 Lakhs (I did not demand any dowry, its only they who sent few things with their daughter and she took those things back along with her). 3. Harassment for Salary (I dont even know how much she earns, I am completely self dependent) 4. Likewise......so many allegations. I am shocked to see such allegations on me and is very much worried, as she also filed a DVC case along with a Divorce case against me. Recently, she filed another petition for interim maintenance. We both were asked to submit our payslips in the honorable Court and we submitted it. She submitted a payslip showing 21k as her monthly income and mine is 43k gross exclusive of taxes. Is she eligible for Interim maintenance even though she earns sufficient money for her survival? Could anyone please suggest me a best idea for proceeding further?