Can a married man live in with unmarried girl (Adultry IPC497) ??

I'm married more than 3 years in arya samaj and from more than a year its trouble living with my wife as our mentalities dont match. We have no child. She is living with my family and is an MBA persuing job. I am living seperately from more than a year and from past 4 months i'm living in another rented house. I have asked her for mutual divorce, making her understand all situations, but she dosent respond to that. So can i live in with another girl who is unmarried and get penalized under IPC 497. As it states that only if the other woman is married it is adultry. and will this unmarried girl also get some punishment for staying with me under the same roof? i'm in deep depression and have quit my job too. And i also dont have money to fight big cases. I know things happen and marriages fail, though we dont get married thinking it would fail, but if it did, dosent mean the man or woman should die. Meanwhile ive read these articles :-