alimony n custody of child

I am not living with my husband from last 2 yrs cos of his physical abuses....i have a child who will be 7 yrs in next 2 husband has not paid any money...only my sons school fee which is deducted directly from his account n buys cloths n other things from time to he is threatening me that he will take the custody of the child from court n divorce me without any alimony on the grounds of my character! even when i was living with him he was doubting my character n would become aggressive! ! he is a pilot by profession n is not ready for a mutual separation! Please advise what should i do...i have been taking shelter in my brothers house n my old parents but how long can i continue like this ! I dont want to go for a fulltime job as my child needs mothers care after his school hours n i only take care of his studies husband has enough money n property in his name please guide if i have any rights on it?Please advise if i can claim alimony n how much Regards, pragya agarwal 8334889998