Daughters Share in Ancestral Property

My Grand father has 3 sons and 2 daughters. He built a house in 1950 with 3 equal partitions for his sons to stay. Unfortunately my Grand father passed away in 1960 and his property was transferred to my Grand mother's name. My Grand mother eventually passed away in 1990. But after my Grand mother passing away, with the consent of 2 sisters and my father and his 2 brothers started staying the Property. But there was no partition deed done by the brothers until 2005. Now the 3 brothers have been staying in the property for close to 40 years after 2 sisters got married. 2 weeks back when all 3 brothers decided to reconstruct the house for being very old, 2 sisters have started asking for equal share in the property. Facts about the sisters: Both them were born before 1955 and were married on 1972 and 1974. Are the 2 daughters of my Grand Father entitled for equal share in his property? Only partition deed has been done in the 3 brothers' name since my Grand mother's Death and my grand mother didn't leave behind any will. Please Advise.