I have the tcc

This land belongs to our family from past 50 years plus... We r paying vigothi. All revenue records show our family name. My fsther got it transfred on his name in 1988. It got transferred to my name in 2011 after he passed away. This land is located in Gujarat. I received the TCC on 6 Feb 2015. Then some local trust / trustee gives a notice in paper that it has been orally gifted to them by my forefathers and they have the kabaza and if anyone sells or buys the land they will take legal action. They have been keeping their cattle ain my land and have kept watchman. WWhen I went to ask the trust they asked for money to leave and not harm me. They say they have many men they will not allow me to step into the land. I reside in Mumbai we where unable to visit our native from 2006 my mom was bedridden and passed away in 2009 soon my father was I'll and passed away in 2010 . now I wanna sell the land and got TCC with all legal process including public notice in local news paper. I need help and advice.