Harassed by a Friend

Sir/Madam, I am currently in Canada as a Permanent Resident. I moved out of India in 2012 and i had a best friend who was a girl for more than 5 years. After i moved to Canada, we were not in constant touch but for the last 6 to 8 months, we have been having phone conversations and had a few discussions about marriage as well. I had never promised her that i would marry her or be in a relation ship. But now, she has started to threaten me that she will give a case against me of cheating her. It clearly shows that she wanted to win me after i got settled in Canada and is threatening me by saying i promised her that i would get married to her. My questions are, 1. I can easily prove that i never promised her. But, can she register a false complaint for rape, eve teasing or misuse ?? 2. She is aware that i will be coming to India for a vacation for a month. If she gives a false complaint, can i leave back to Canada. 3. If a false complaint is registered, will it create problems for me when i need to get a police clearance certificate. 4. I have read in many blogs that the Law is entitled and supportive to girls. If thats the case, can the police book me with out their investigation ??