Sir I am 30 yrs old man and I am a govt employee. my salary is about 29500/-. sir, I was married with a girl aged 20 yrs and she is 10th passed only and our marriage is love. sir I send around 8000/- to my mother as she is also caring two children of my sister as she is not alive. so their all the responsibility remains on us and my father is not supporting our family. my brother is not earning so much. he earns 6000/- only. my wife continously demands to stop the money I spent on my family. she wants to keep all the money with us. she is very money spending girl which i am not able to pay but I pay due to her happiness. she didnot want to understand the problem. everymonth after spending all the requirement of home and her I tranfer 1500/- everymonth in her account. recently she started private job in a company and gets around 5000/- pm. sir, I want divorce as the life is too long and she didnot try to understand me and my family. some months before her father and brother comes to my rented house and beated me and my mother and go to police station with my wife and alleged false statement that I demands 10 lakh rupees from her family but when I shows the document in which I transfer my salary to her account then they found false. she always hit me I have medical reports of human bite and other. so it becomes dificult for me to live with her. how can i get divorce from her and what the maintainance I have to pay. please guide me. womens are using the law with false statements now