wife is threating to file 498a case

i am govt.servant, i am staying with my wife, 1year child in hyderabad separately.usually every 6 months parents used to come for hospitals, now my wife is torturing me whenevr phone call comes from their parents. now she went to their house 3 months back, now they consulted one lawyer,he called for mediationintially i surprised later i called her she is not lifiting phone, they are asking me to come to lokadalat-(lokadalat) i have to put signature on papers, i wont beat wife(infact she only beats me), my parents should not come to hyderabad, sridhanam they wont give. then i told them i wont sign, because she only harassing me& she used to cut her hand by blade occassionly,( i have not understood at that time) , now i am understanding that she is having plan. now my thinking is that 1. if i get lokadalt notice to attend the court, thecan i issue notice to her legally to join me? is it good to issue notice? can i approach dsp or sp & inform them about this? now i understood her true colour, how can i beleieve her for not filing false 498a again?(if she joins me)