Complaint against Secretary, VP and Treasurer of Apt Association

Sir, My name is Chandrashekar S from 505, ShreeMukh Kontham Towers, Brahmanwadi, Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500016 (TS). As the builder moved out of the building all of a sudden (Jan. 31, 2015) without maintaining out building for even few months, few of the owners called for a meeting and formed the society. These 3 members without getting consent from any of the other owners have prepared the bye-laws and registered the society. Even after paying Rs. 7500 (for 3 months in advance March, April and May, 2015), the society has not even shown the statement so far as well as have denied the Cellar where our parking space is allocated by not providing proper lights, dogs sleeping and eating/ scaring us in the cellar, and dirt (unhygienic) situation prevailing and even though we have constantly reminded the Society members to fix these issues it has been more than 2 weeks that no action has been taken but I am told that if required I need to adjust or else I can fix the bulbs on my own, clean the cellar etc. which I feel is discrimination. Also, only these 3 members namely Mr. Narsing Rao (Sec. - 508), Mr. Srinivas Reddy (VP - 511) and Mr. Kiran Kumar (Treasurer - 614) have meetings among themselves and keep forming rules on a daily basis and have been dictating terms and conditions to suit their needs. There is so far no MOM circulated, no meeting circular provided or circulated and monthly statement being circulated to the owners, especially to me. My family and I feel a threat from these people as they have been neglecting our requests and even went to the extent of saying that they would do what they feel is right and that we can go and complaint against them with anyone but no one can even question them.