Husband has affair and wants divorce/separation

"My husband is a business man. I have a 6 months old daughter and three dogs. We were in relationship for 7 years until we got married in January, 2012. I used to work with my husband before marriage, I was a part of his business, but now I am a house wife. My husband registered a firm on my name before marriage, and his some transactions are completed from my bank accounts till date. I have suffered domestic violence several times after marriage, every time we patched up and came back to normal life. But due to this, now he thinks he can do anything he wants. I am suffering from mental violence too as he claims that I need a psychiatrist as my mental state is not normal. And he can not live with a abnormal wife. He took me to a psychiatrist once for a marriage counselling in 2013, the doctor gave me some medicines. The doctor suggested my husband a temperamental therapy as well. But he denies it and claims that I am not normal and need a treatment. Other than this now he is regularly forcing me to get separated with mutual consent for a year or two. He asked me to move to a rented apartment with my daughter and dogs and he will keep visiting me n his daughter in regular intervals. he says- After a year if we agree we can move in again or get divorced, whatever the circumstances will be.. " 2 weeks earlier I came to know that he has extra marital affair and that girl is an employee in his office. but he is continuously denying it. That girl is married too. some people are there who confirms their affair but dont have any hard evidence. I got telephonic bills as proof that both were together in Delhi. Don't have hotel bills. I just wanted to know that on what grounds I or he can file a divorce. If I live in separate place, will it be a point in divorce. (as he is deliberately forcing me to live at another place, sometimes with love, sometimes with anger) I am not earning right now, but he says because my company files a Income Tax every year, and transactions are regular. The court will consider me as working woman. He says- I won't get any alimony or monthly expenses, as I am working. he says- As per Supreme Court, i can get some monthly expenses but that too for my daughter until she gets 2 years old. I am very depressed as I am not able to cope up with situations. My parents are not involved in it yet, I do not know any lawyer who can help me in this situation. His Mother wants us to be separated from the day one of our marriage as it is Love Marriage.. Please Advice me What to Do in this Situation..