Threat of terrorist case for spoiling career

Hello sir / madam , I'm a merchant navy officer NRI working abroad from last 6 years. I had an affair with a lawyers daughter who belongs to a criminal background in Uttar Pradesh.her family was against marriage and are torturing and harassing their daughter from last 2 years.shes house arrested by them. Her father has threaten me for murdering my parents and me and rape/kidnapping of my sisters. He also did some false terrorist complain regarding me and said he will spoil my career by doing false cases. Is there any pre complain to protect me in future. And he plays tricks.he dont want to bring the love matter and do threaten me for other cases. For example ::1) he did terrorist complain for which my family was tortured and harassed by local police. 2) a boy called me saying he wanted to tell something about my girlfrnd. After number of calls from my side on tht number,a girl picked the call. Later her father thteaten tht he will file case on behalf of the girl and take revenge. 3) they have taken my call details and called all my friends saying I'm a terrorist and if they will suffer if they will keep in touch with me. From last 2 years I haven't gone back my home and hiding myself in other cities because my family is afraid. Some policemans and local gundas keep on enquiring when I will come home.