how to protect oneself from false dowry case after marriage

We have not demanded any dowry before/during/after marriage but they told they will be giving for their daughter. myself and herself both are living in a place apart from my family due to job reasons. 1. my in laws have given some jewels for her during marriage. I have never used it even seen it properly. she is keeping with her. 2. they have put braclet,chain for me during marriage. 3. they have told they ll be giving 3L amount for buying vehicle. they have not given any till now. 4. they have bought some household items. 5. I have never beat her/torture her in any way. we both are not in a good understanding. the girl is always fighting with me saying she has brought many things from her home and she only has all rights over me and torturing me everyday. my mother in law threating me that she will file DV and dowry case against me if I complain about her to her mom. please help me in what all ways I can protect against such case. what all the proofs I should collect so that I can defend myself and prove me ?