Status of Joint property after divorcee

Hi, Me and my ex-husband has bought a property owned jointly on 2002. - I have paid all the initial deposit towards booking and initial deposit. I do have the cheque details with me. - All the EMIs till date are being paid by my ex-husband. - from 2005 to 2006, I was abroad and my ex-husband used by savings money for his expenses. In 2007, we both divorced by mutual consent and after that we both are now re-married. However, recently my ex-husband contact me to write the property in his name. But on asking for compensation (as i paid the initial deposit + his expenses when I was not in India), he refuse to pay me. Now I will be moving out of India soon and want to close this issue for good. My query is 1) Can I claim 50% of the property now or I can claim only the fraction of % amount that I had contributed towards initial deposit? If yes, what is the process? 2) Since usually the court procedure are time consuming in India, what is the best option I have with me to close this property. Appreciate your help.