sir i serve in army most of the time i live outside from my family & my wife lived at home with my 2 childrens.and she is a very quarrel lady and always fight with my parents they are very simple and tell to me about the problem when i ask my wife about the problem she quarrel with me also.and have no interest to talk with my family and me also and always threat to make a police case against me and my family under dowry ,domestic voilance with her family she has no shame in society about our family she always busy on phone i dont know where she call & after call she always erase call history she dont care my childrens when i talk to her parents about this problem they dont listen to me and say she is like this and will always do like this we cant do anything we have respect in our society so we can not lives our daughter at our home so you will have to live with her otherwise we file a case against you and your parents under dowry&domestic violence. now how can i protect my parents from dowry domestic violence act and i want divorced also i belong to a rural area