I have a love marriage 4yrs ago ..after 3yrs I got pregnant.. From the first month my husband Started ignoring me and also beaten me...and then he joined another company which is in another city..I also had a job so I do not go with my husband..during this time I got touched with a guy who was a friend of my husband.. He started caring me during my pregnancy...my husband do not like our friendship and started fighting as well as beaten me during my 7-8month many times...but that guy was very helpful and friend of mine always gives me moral courage and supported me...now after fighting very much we all three decided not to talk to that guy...and I also done so...but sometimes when I feel lonely I talk to him as he was very good friend of mine.. Now my husband wanted divorce because he has a proof that I talk to him without his permission in watsaap ar through mobile... Can day or night chat ar mobile call prove that I m characterless ...pllz reply as soon as possible...I also do not want to live with him but due to a child I am confused little bit ..