Wife left the house and threatens with false allegations

Respected Sir/Madam, I am keeping this long mail, with a ray of hope on the Indian Penal code towards innocent married man. Request you to please provide your valuable suggestions on reading this mail. I was married in Nov'2012. we both of us stay away from my parents.We are having no kids.Till date my wife stayed with me only for 7 months(all together) and I would like to give brief idea on my Wife's attitude. 1) She was having negative mindset and was brought up at home without facing any difficulties/problems. 2) We need to obey her words/demands. if not she used to leave the house. 3) She left the house several times. 4) She reacts very abnormally even for very minor issues. 5) She never talks with neighbours and makes friendship. 6) She always be in phone with their parents, telling negatively on me, when I was out of house.(Came to know from neighbours). 7) She will never leave her parents. She neither allows me to go to my home town nor comes along with me, to see them. 8) Her parents give full support, on whatever she says. 9) Does whatever she want to do without thinking, to satisfy her ego and cool her anger. 10) Calls her parents at midnight,saying that is her right to speak with them. 11) She left the house for last time saying that she has all the rights to do whatever she likes. She want financial freedom & She will never be under ones control and finally all the laws are favour to females. There are few incidents that took place between us and are explained below. 1) She fought with me for 3 days and Nights, as I havent brought her in Car from Railway station to the place we are staying which is nearly 20 Kms far. She had a big fight with me after I came from office, starting from 9PM to 2AM, abusing me & my family .I requested her to stop this blame/fight, as I need to go to office the next morning. Finally at 2AM she tried to call her parents through her mobile. I warned her not to disturb them at that time, as this may cause serious health problems. I tried to stop her, but shouted at me saying that it was her right to talk with parents and nobody can stop her. She misleaded them by informing that I am fighting with her and told all the nonsense. They immediately called her brother who was 2 streets behind my house and took her away. My Parents met their relatives, telling all that was happened. My parents asked her parents to send her to my home. After 1 and 1/2 month my wife came to my home. 2) After 1 week, One night, she asked me to bring dry fruits to eat daily after taking her food. After a brief argument, she said that she is leaving to his brothers home.This is because I told her about my financial problems during the month end and asked her to wait for 3 days, so that I can get salary. I told her not to go and suggested her not to take quick decisions and think before taking these decisions. But she ignored me and left the house. Again after 15 days, after my parents met my mother-in-law and father-in-law, they dropped her, setting conditions to me, as follows. > I should look at my wife with care. If any sensitive thing is to be spoken, I need to tell her softly and patiently. > She will try for job, here after, as she likes to have financial freedom for buying/purchasing. > She wants freedom and that was her right. > She doesnt want to be under one's control( even though all my family members are staying away from us). 3) I was very depressed and felt very bad on the situations I and family were facing. On seeing my psycological condition, my father came and stayed with me for few days. We decided to go to Shirdi along with my wife, for change in surroundings. So booked the train tickets after 45 days. But 12 days before leaving to Shirdi, Chicken pox is at initial stage to my wife. My father took her to doctor. Doctor, prescribed few medicines. I asked her to go to her home town, as she will be alone after I left to office, inspite of my father being with us to look after. But she rejected to go to her home. Instead she asked her mother to come to my home. We are not given any message by her, until her mother came to my house. My father thought of being burden to us at this point of time, informed to my mother-in-law, that he wants to leave to our home town and left. My wife after her mother came to my house, stopped talking with me. When I was in house, she used to sit out of house and when I was leaving to office, she used to come inside. I understood that She is avoiding me. When I tried to speak with her, she used to give one word answers. This process continued and I was surprised that her mother also behaved in the same fashion. I was vexed with this behaviour. Slowly my wife was recovering.Three days before going to shirdi, when I asked her to pack her luggage to shirdi, she told that she was not coming , as she was not feeling well. But she is well and doing all her personal work. I even tried to boost her saying that myself and my family will look after you, if there is any health problem. But she gave one word answer that she is not coming. So, I made all arrangements and gave sufficient money to them and left for shirdi. When I returned after 3 days spending time in shirdi, my wife along with her mother went to her brothers house, saying that I ignored them. After 3 and 1/2 months after repeated requests to their parents, dropped her at my home, with the same conditions to me. 4) This time I planned to make her happy. SO I purchased the books for Bank exam preparations. She started staying away from me in bed. Instead she used to study at night time and spent with books when I was awake(after coming 4 months away from me.) I was really depressed with her behavior and the next day I asked her to study when I was out of house and spend some time with me. But she repeated it. We had an argument on this all the night and at mid-night she called her parents through phone and informed that I am torturing her. They scolded me and finalized that she will do whatever she want and that is her right. I stayed calm and after 2 days, after I came from office.. I felt that I was missing all my personal life, joy & feelings, my parents and even my wife. So, I sat with her and asked her whether our marriage was done on her interest?. She shouted at me and scolded my family ,argued with me till mid night. She immediately took one suitcase and started to leave the home at midnight. I didn't understand what to do at that moment. Finally I begged her not to leave the house. But she is not in a position to listen and tring to take new dress from almariah. I shooked my hand to keep the dress away. But unfortunately it was torn(a little bit at neck), when she tring to hold it and myself wanted to keep it away. She started shouting at midnight that I torned her dress(which she havent worn). Finally I some how requested her to stay for that night and I slept by the side of her. Early morning when I was awake at 5:30AM, she again started her arrangements to leave the house. I stopped her(by locking the doors) and asked her to think once again. She is not in a position to listen my words. She called the house owner (who was residing at ground floor) and asked him to come up. She told to house owner that I torned her dress and house arrested her all the night. The house owner understood my situation, and asked us to adjust among ourselves for having happy life. But she again left the house with all her items. Later after 5 months my uncle had personal discussion with my father in law, saying that root cause for the problem is the study after I came from office. My in laws never tried to reach or contact me during this 5 months. On behalf of us, my uncle asked her to stop study and enjoy life with husband, for which they haven't accepted. After 6 months she was again dropped at my house with the same conditions. 5) This time after 3 days, I was going to my home town, as my aunt was hospalized because of cancer. When I asked my wife, to come along with me, she declined. So I made my own arrangements. On the day, when I came from office to leave to my home town, I found my in-laws, her brother, her uncle and lawyer, waiting for me in my home. I was surprised and frightened on seeing this group of 5 members, with lots of anger. I had a long discussion with them and especially with lawyer(in front of my wife), on the scenarios happened till now in detail. Upto some extent the lawyer tried to convince both of us. The lawyer understood my innocence, and told me that their family is not in a position to listen now. So, better to have big discussion with both of our families. Meanwhile her brother called all the people in that street and started telling badly/negatively on me. Finally they threatened me that they are going to arrest me and my family, as domestic violence act for torturing my wife and leaving her alone in the house. They warned me that all the laws are favor to them, and I will be jailed. My wife happily went along with them, leaving me in troubles. On seeing all these scenarios, I felt that it is my foolishness to retain my wife. Even if I called her now, I am sure that she will leave the house again with silly reasons. This will continue until her parents stood behind her encouraging with all the false allegations. It was now 7 months we were apart and not a phone call was there from both of our sides. I am vexed with her behavior and I am loosing all the positive feelings towards my wife. I am now in a situation for legal help and I request all the respected lawyers for suggestions. I thank each one of them for their valuable time. With Regards.., Sabrin