interim maintenance

my marriage was not consummated, eventhough my husband not having any physical issue, he is not having physical contact with me, all these happends because - my inlaws compell my husband for marriage,,,after 1 year he applied for divorce, due to this issue i staying in my parents home and they r not ready for reunion, went for family counselling in madurai high court-no result,,, hence, my lawyer suggesting me to put restitution of conjugal rights[for reunion] and can ask interim maintenance, i hav no kid[no sex at all], ABOUT MY FAMILY ECONOMY: now i m not working[ befor marraige i earned 17000 per mon ], my mother is working women and she is state govt employee and also getting my father pension., ABOUT MY HUSBAND ECONOMY: my husband earning 45000/mon, my father in law is a exservice man getting pention and also having 2 rental home., my lawyer inform me that i can get 3000 to 5000 only as a interm maintenace per month, but few online advice i found i can get till 15000 month, is there percentage of giving maintenance, why i am asking this means i have no enough money to pay lawyer also and to run my day to day life i m struggling. pls help me regariding the maintenance amt. thank u