Looking for suggestions for Property issues

Hello, My grandfather was a Lt.Colonel during British Raj. He was then posted in Andhra. He was then finally posted and settled in a city in Maharashtra. My Grandfather had 4 sons and 4 daughters. We are a Hindu telugu family and we WERE a joint family back then. As usual after marriages of sons, things were falling apart and after my grandfather and grandmother passed away everyone now lives separately. During my grandfather's time, he purchased 3 properties (He did purchased couple of them but now there are 3 left). One is the House, another is a property which was and is leased/rented to a petrol pump and another is he purchased or took over a cinema hall back in 1940/50's or something. Now, His 3 sons and 2 daughters passed away. My dad and 2 aunts are alive. House - My dad/mom, and my 1 unmarried cousin sister (decesead uncle's daughter) reside in that house. All others moved to their own differnet houses. But, on the 7/12 the 2 properties except cinema hall, all the eligible members names are penned/filed. Q- 1# Other 2 shareholders want to sell the house, my dad does not want to. Can they sell off their share to a builder? Q- 2# My cousin who lives with my dad/mom (Age-72/55), is troubling them like hell. I am sorry shes really pain in the neck for everyone. For instance, FOR NO reason recently my cousin she filed a case against my mom under IPC -0341, 323, 504, 506. My mom, her leg was amputed like 10 yrs back and she cannot walk properly and she NEEDS someone or some thing to walk. Looking at her and examing my mom, a doctor can give a clean certificate that she cannot do anything related to the above sections. What can my dad/mom or me do with this type of case? Q- 3# The same cousin above, We have proof from relatives/neighbours that she was not treating her father and mother well. She had filed cases on her own father and mother. Now, her father has 7 daughters (I know thats shows desparation for son). After he passed away, she is trying to claim his share for herself and does not want to share to any of her sisters. As far as my knowledge my uncle never did write a will on her name. I believe he wrote on his wifes (my aunt) name. What will happen in this case? Can she alone claim after so much trouble she has given of the family that cannot express here? I live in US, cannot do much as i have been tied up here (I know thats not a right, but i cannot go sooner). What can I do, legally? Q - 4# Now, i am planning to develop the home property (i can convince my dad), but she is adamant to leave the property nor develop it. She is probably/basically kinda blackmailing for more money. How can i convince her? Is she even entitled for the share? Q- 5# Another problem, My father's youngest married sister who lives in a differnet state and has a cunning husband, now she wakes up and she is trying to claim the house property (on 7/12, only my grandfathers sons and their children names are filed). Can she even claim it? how can i counter her claims? Petrol pump Property - This land was leased/rented to ***** petrol company long time back. We had legal matters going on with it for around 20 yrs or so. Our city district court has given decision to the company to vacant the site. For some unknown reason we did not get the news and they appealed to mumbai high court. After sometime (i usually follow all my family cases), due to some new law/rules mumbai high court sent it back to solapur district court to deal with it. The corporate company is enjoying the benefits by paying a low rent (i think they submit the rent to court) as compared the market rates where this property is.They are not even negotiating. My dad once tried, instead of us demanding, they were demanding that they will pay rent of Rs.10,000/month for a 8,000 sq.feet property whereas market rate is atleast 2 lakhs/months. How can I fight Corporate company We even tried selling the property due to this litigation but we are getting a half price of it. I want to fight back and get my property back. What can i do? how can i do? Cinema Hall - This Business was loss running by some 4 partners, they approached my grandfather back in 1940/50's and my grandfather took over the business. The license and all other realted documenst are on my dad's name. My father, believe me, spent his life running this business but now he is old enough to run and some crappy people/competitors are after it to run the business.This property is owned by a temple trust and was rented 99 years lease/rent. Case is still going on to vacate it. I love this business and want to still run it. As this business is in the family for around 60 to 70 yrs, i want to develop and take it to the next level. what will happen at the end of 99 yrs? Can i renew the lease/rent? can this be Negotiated.Will the property will be ours after 99 yrs? PLease suggest I highly appreciate if you can suggest anyt solutions for the above questionaries. I am sorry if this post seems too tedious to read. This is my first post ever in my life, and I have no other way to handle/deal with my issues. Looking forward for your response. Thank you in Advance, Jitesh.