apply for divorce from Australia

I was married in India in nov 2014. And after a week she create some problems with me. she was always busy on phone whenever i asked to her she always said mom or brother on phone. i had read some other guys message on her phone . Then she started abusing my parents, and also she started torturing me and also torturing saying I will commit suicide After that some days, she willing to go her parents house. and 6th of January 15 i dropped her there for some days and three days later i recieved one call from women cell they said to me bring your passport come to there. My parents went there then we knew she so many blamed on us . And more that to make me irritating she talked bad about me and my sister relationship which is very cheap one. Meantime I go back to Australia , here I'm on student visa and i had lived with her only 20 days . now her sister who is living in Australia she wanna apply court case against me here. could you tell me it is possible for her sister apply case on me here and can i apply divorce file from australia .