Hi sir, I am a girl of 21 years old. 2 years ago I got married.But this marriage was done by hiding certain basic information from boy side like his family background, his educational qualification, age difference and some other wrong information had been given to me. There are certain other things that I don't want like drinking and smoking which done by boy on regular basis. He(my husband) always used to use very insulting words for me which is unbearable for me.In simple word I don't have trust on my husband any more. Sir want to continue my further education. since he hardy earn 7 thousand rupees per month, I am not able to continue my education. By considering all things I have decided to take divorce from my husband. He is not ready to give divorce to me. But somehow he got ready for divorce. But when we went to district court, we were suggested by notary man that divorce can easily be taken from notary if it is by mutual consent and we did the same. It seems from what is written in the stamp paper that there is no problem. But latter I came to know that it is not valid divorce paper. Sir I don't want to live with my husband at any cost. Now my husband is saying that he will not give divorce to me by the court of law. Sir even my parents are not helping me and they want me to continue with the same man(husband). I am alone.How can I go to court and face this problem if the divorce is not by mutual consent. Sir please suggest some way so that I could get rid of my husband and I could spent rest of my life peacefully. Sir If am going ahead by considering notary divorce paper, can my husband force me live together? If I get married with other, can my old husband file case against me and my new husband? If yes, what type of case he can file against me and my new husband? If I say before the court that I did not have information about the procedure of divorce and so I considered notary stamp paper as legal divorce paper and accordingly I took further step of my new marriage, can court give decision in my favor? How will the court handle this situation?