Land Share and debt share

Dear Sir, We have land of 10 acres and there are two brothers . my father and his brother. They have didvided 4 -5 years back but not share the lands equally as father is unable to work and my uncle is taking care of land.for my sister marraige my father brough money for 24 percent interest from some relatives. I have paid 1 lakh . one more lakh for post marraige expenses. but that i have given to my brother in law. He promised me to get land from my father on my name. Now its 5 years over my father has not given single acre to me and i have paid more than 10 lakh from my salary. I have not received single rupe from land. Now we have around 12 lakh dbts only my father debts. I have told my father and uncle i will pay that debts by getting loan. also told my uncle so that how much gold given for my sister (another sisters married before divided) same amount i will give him for his daugther marraige and he agreed that land for both share equally amog two. Then with help of other relatives i have divided the land into two parts and asked him to choose but he did not agreed . He wants irrigation land and will told us to take dry land. I am not ready to take land. I have alreay paid 10 laks and need pay another 12 laks plus 100 grams gold. I do not have that money. Now i do not want that land. I am ready to give land to him . if he pays me what ever i have earned through my salary and paid the debts. But he is not agreeing . telling that am IT employee and am earing 50 k per month. But i am not saving more 10-15 k per month. All other money got for expenses. I have more that 7 years experince in IT and i have given more money to them. At the same time my kid is having health problem need pay 10 lakh for operation. I do not want any land if they ready to give 15 lakh to me . but that also they are not ready to pay. Can any one tell me can i get money back which i have paid with interest and i do not want land. (dry land will not woth even 15 lakh).Please sujjest me