family / property law

We are writing from a cooperative housing society from malad mumbai, (we are ex BMC employees), there was an old lady residing in our society (around 80 to 90 yrs old) who owned one of the society flats and was mentally not keeping too well, she was receiving a monthly pension of about thirteen thousand indian rupees, she had no known immediate relatives, only a few from her sisters side who live far off and had abandoned her and did not visit her nor inquire about her well being for the last 10 to 12 years, they would not even entertain phone calls from the society members, she used to beg food from the neighbours, some of the the neighbours helped her in her banking and other transactions. Now one of her nephews got news that she has made a will in one of their names, he immediately came to the society and started inquiring about her will and banking documents, the society has not disclosed to him about the will, one day he quietly came to her house and ransacked her house and the cupboards for the will and other banking documents, he got hold of a copy of the will in which his name is not included, but her bank balance is shows an amount of around twentytwo lakhs, now this nephew has taken all her banking documents and got her admitted to a third grade filthy old age home near thakurli far off from mumbai, where she is being kept sedated, because of her mental condition, this nephew has also transferred her bank account to thakurli to siphon off the monies this nephew of hers is trying to get his hands on her bank balance, without looking after her and her well being. If you can kindly guide us, our question is : what action can the society take in this regard ?? Can we write to the bank not to entertain this guy in usurping her bank balance ?? she could have been kept in a decent old age home.. Kindly help