How to make my wife to get reunited legally.

My Native place is Andhra Pradesh, and i work in Pune. I am married on 06 Fed 2014 to a girl who works in Central Govt. Job in Andhra Pradesh. After marriage i asked my wife to apply transfer to pune so that we can live together there but she refused to that as her mom doesn't want her to live far away. In this scenario i agreed to get find job in Bangalore so that she can keep a transfer to Bangalore. On Dec 21 2014 i have relieved from the previous company and i reached Bangalore where my wife is already transferred there. In this 10 months of time we always have a normal wear and tear between us. Most of the quarrels arise out of my resignation only. She used to force me to resign quickly and come to her. At last told her that finding a job is not so easy in Bangalore as it may take 4 to 5 months as it depends on the market.(Software). She agreed that we can manage that is not a problem. In between this she was conceived. As i came to Bangalore after my resignation, I had a big quarrel with her mom (Mother-in-law) for the below reason: One day she came to Bangalore to see her daughter without intimating to her daughter also. As she came in the evening, the next day morning i decided to go to my native place to see my mom as my mother-in-law is there to look after my wife. I went to my native place and came back after 2 days(Sunday evening i reached). Monday afternoon the house owner son-in-law came to me asked whether TV, Fridge and Washing machine is delivered to your home. I was bit surprised to listen this and i called my wife as she was in the office. i asked the question who ordered this without my knowledge. I even called my father-in-law and told the same how could mother-in law can do this, how can she order without informing what you are buying and i shouted on my mother in law for the same. While this is going on the owner's son in law came down to beat me so to save myself i called my mom and informed the same and i told i am coming to native place. So the same day evening i left to my native place to bring my elders. After 4 days i bought my elders but my wife and mother in law told that they are not interested to live with me and asked me to leave immediately or they will call police. As this is not my local my parents got bit scarred and asked them to bring their elders to have a talk but they refused to do so. Now for the past three months i am living alone. In between this time my parents called them many times but they are not willing to join me. Please advice how to get my wife back legally. She is pregnant now.