NRI husband desertion

Dear Sir, I am an Indian citizen married to a man who is U.S. citizen, 3 months ago. We are both Hindus. He promised to apply for my dependent visa but in just one month after marriage (starting from January), he started talking about closing the marriage and that he does not think it is necessary to apply for my visa. Instead he is insisting that I should first of all stay with my in-laws and do housework for them. His mother and sister also are insisting that I should follow as he tells. And not ask for visa to join him. Also I came to know after marriage that he is impotent. He told me that he has no such problems - when I asked him before marriage. But after marriage, he disclosed that he has impotency sometimes and a sexologist we consulted prescribed him very expensive medicines. I tried to compromise with the situation since I got married late in life and also because I thought that if he is good at heart, I can still be happy with him as companion. But in just one month after marriage his mother started to play politics - by poisoning my husband's mind (because she was never in favor of this marriage). i got married to him after chatting with him on a matrimony website for 5 months (although both side parents agreed eventually). I find it very strange that my husband does not reply to my emails or phone calls for last one month despite me emailing him every 2 or 3 days. He even refused to come back to India for a closure (by mutual consent) - and told me to wait until he returns to India. He does not give any date of when he will return and has told me that he already gave 2 lakh rupees for my maintenance for 6 months (until June) and that I should find a job within that time and get to be independent and that he has no obligation to even come back to India or give me any more money. He simply said that he will close the marriage. Now my concern is how will I get him to India to close this marriage legally ( and not in ex-parte) ? Is there any way to get him to India for the legal divorce process - except filing a 498 A case? I mean to say without getting him arrested? Is there a way that Indian law system can summon an NRI ( U.S citizen) in a short span of time ? Is there a guaranteed way to get him to India? My husband has already insisted that he wants annulment and that he has no need to pay me anything. What shall I do to get my divorce and my rightful alimony (or a share of his property) ? I was made to stop my career related efforts and education for the last 9 months and today I am in an emotionally wrecked up state due to his continuous passive aggressive behavior and now desertion. He is sufficiently well off with property in India and abroad as well but tells me that he will close off the marriage with 2 lakh rupees. And at 42 years of age and no formal job experience so far, I am terrified of a future without any financial security. What kind of financial security can I claim from him in my case and what if he never responds even to a legal summons? Kindly advise. Also I shall be extremely thankful if you can give me the names of reputed family lawyers in Hyderabad who are also experienced in NRI cases. Kindly help.